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Delivery for orders start from $20.00
Delivery Charge $2.0
Any Delivery Charge is not a tip paid to your driver.
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台湾点心和面食 Taiwanese Appetizers & Flour Corner

 TA01 肉圓   Taiwanese Meat Ball
 TA02 捲餅
 Scallion Pancake
 W / Roasted Beef
 W /Egg
 TA03 小笼湯包  Steamed Mini Juicy Buns (8)  $7.99
 TA04 蝦餃  Steamed Shrimp Dumplings (6)  $5.59
 TA05 燒賣  Steamed Shrimp & Pork Shu Mai (4)  $5.59
 TA06 蒸饺
 Steamed Homemade Dumpling
 W / Pork & Cabbage (8)
 W / Pork & Chives (8)
 W / Vegetarian (8)
 TA07 猪肉包  Steamed Pork Buns (2)  $3.29
 TA08 紅豆包  Steamed Red Bean Buns (2)  $3.29
 TA09 生煎包  Pan Fried Pork Buns (4)  $6.29
 TA10 蘿卜糕  Pan Fried Turnip Cake  $5.29
 TA11 韭菜盒子  Chives Pancake (2)  $5.29
 TA12 筒仔米糕  Sticky Rice in Bamboo Cap  $5.29
 TA13 臺式锅贴  Taiwanese Pan Fried Dumpling (8)  $7.29
 TA14 鹽酥雞  Salt & Pepper Fried Chicken ***
 TA15 蚵仔煎  Oyster Pancake  $7.29
 TA16 鴨肉扁  Salty Duck w/ Special Sauce  $8.29
 TA17 割包  Braised Pork w/ Steamed Bun  $5.29
 TA18 臺式香腸  Taiwanese Sausage  $6.29

头抬 Appetizers

 Scallion Pancake                         
 A02 素春卷
 Vegetarian Spring Roll (2)  $3.59
 A03 蟹角  Crab Rangoon (8)  $5.59
 A04 雞条  Chicken Fingers  $7.29
 A05 炸大虾  Fried Shrimps (6)  $7.29
 A06 雞翅膀  Chicken Wings  $6.59
 A07 辣雞翅  Spicy Fried Chicken Wings ***
 A08 雞串  Chicken Teriyaki (4)  $5.99
 A09 牛串  Beef Teriyaki (4)  $6.99
 A10 紅油抄手  Szechuan Spicy Wonton (peanut sauce) ***
 A11 凉面  Sesame Noodle (spicy peanut sauce) ***
 A12 寶寶盘(两人份)
素春卷, 蟹角,
雞条, 炸虾,
雞翅膀, 牛串,
 Pu Pu Platter for 2
 w/ Spring Roll (2), Crab Rangoon (4),
 Chicken Finger (4), Fried Shrimp (2),
 Chicken Wing (2), Beef Teriyaki (2),
 Chicken Teriyaki (2)

汤 Soup

酸辣汤        Hot & Sour Soup ***                   
 S02 蛋花汤
 Egg Drop Soup  $2.99
 S03 馄饨汤  Wonton Soup  $2.99
 S04 素菜豆腐汤  Vegetable & Tofu Soup (for 2)  $4.99
 S05 海鲜汤  Seafood Soup (for 2)  $7.99
 S06 西湖牛肉羹   West Lake Minced Beef Soup (for 2)  $7.59

台式面食和米饭 Taiwanese Noodles & Rice

 Beef w/ Noodles in sa-cha Sauce          
 TN02 牛肉汤面
 Beef Sirloin in Noodle Soup ***
 TN03 榨菜肉丝湯面   Pork w/ Pickled Cabbage in Noodle Soup  $8.29
 TN04 雪菜肉丝湯面   Pork w/ Snow Cabbage in Noodle Soup  $8.29
 TN05 海鲜湯面   Seafood Noodles Soup  $8.79
 TN06 大卤面   Da-Lu Mien (noodles soup w/ seafood)  $9.29
 TN07 辣肉面  Spicy Noodles Soup w/ Pork ***
 TN08 炸酱面   Noodles w/ Ground Pork in Peking Sauce ***
 TR09 排骨飯  Fried Pork Chop Over Rice  $8.79
 TR10 雞排飯   Fried Chicken Breast Over Rice  $8.79
 TR11 雞排飯   Fried Chicken Leg Over Rice  $8.79
 TR12 控肉飯  Braised Pork Over Rice  $8.79
 TR13 卤肉飯  Minced Pork Over Rice  $3.99
 TR14 三鲜盖饭   Three Delight Over Rice  $8.79
 TR15 番茄牛肉盖飯  Beef w/ Tomato Over Rice  $8.29
 TR16 上海菜肉大雲吞湯  Shanghai Pork & Vegetable Wonton Soup  $8.25
 TR17 上海蝦肉大雲吞湯  Shanghai Pork & Shrimp Wonton Soup  $8.25
 TR18  臺北牛肉湯水餃  Taiwanese Homemade Dmplings W/ Beef  Broth  $8.99

面食和米饭 Noodles & Rice

 House Special Lo Mien w/ chicken, pork, shrimp
 N02 捞面
 Lo Mien (soft noodles)
 choice of chicken/vegetable/beef/pork/shrimp
 N03 米粉  Me Feng (vermicelli)
 choice of chicken/vegetable/beef/pork/shrimp
 W / Singapore Style
 N04 泰面   Pad Thai  $8.99
 N05 素泰面  Vegetable Pad Thai  $7.99
 N06 各式炒年糕   Rice Cake
 choice of chicken/vegetable/beef/pork/shrimp
 N07 炒牛河粉  Beef Chow Foon  $7.99
 R08 各式炒飯   Fried Rice
 choice of vegetable/chicken/pork/beef/shrimp
 R09 本楼炒飯   House Special Fried Rice w/ chicken, pork, shrimp  $7.99
 R10 白飯   Steamed White Rice  $0.99
 R11 黄飯   Steamed Brown Rice  $1.99

大厨推荐菜 Chef Specials

 H01  左公雞     General Tsao’s Chicken ***  $11.99
 H02 芝麻雞  Sesame Chicken (white mate)  $11.99
 H03 陈皮雞  Orange Flavored Chicken ***  $11.99
 H04 芝麻牛  Sesame Beef  $13.79
 H05 陳皮牛  Orange Flavored Beef ***  $13.79
 H06 辣炒辣  Hot & Spicy Minced Chicken ***  $11.79
 H07 客家小炒  Ko-Cha Dish ***  $11.79
 H08 海鲜大烩  Seafood Platter
 Jumbo shrimp, scallops, fish & vegetables
 H09 本楼大烩  House Special Platter
 Jumbo shrimp, chicken, beef & vegetables
 H10 幹扁牛  Stir Dry Beef ***
 Chicken W/ Mongo
 H12 芒果蝦  Shrimp W/ Mongo  $13.99
脆皮凤梨鸡  Pineapple Crispy Chicken  $11.29
脆皮凤梨虾  Pineapple Crispy Shrimp  $13.99
麻辣羊  Lamb w/ ma-La Sauce ***
孜然羊  Lamb w/ Cumin Sauce  $12.99
咸水鸭 (半只)  Broiled Duck w/ Salt & Pepper (half)  $16.59
梅子鸭 (半只)  Crispy Duck w/ Plum Sauce (half)  $16.59
海鲜豆腐锅  Seafood Tofu Hot Pot ***
牛腩豆腐锅  Beef Sirloin Tofu Hot Pot ***
 H21  九層塔茄子雞  Chicken Eggplant W/.Basil  $13.59
 H21  水煮魚  Fish Fillet W/ Spicy Sauce  $15.95
 H21  中式回鍋肉  Chinese Style Twice Cooked Pork  $13.95

三杯 Three Cup Specials

 C01  三杯雞      Three Cup Chicken        $11.69
 C02 三杯豆腐
 Three Cup Tofu  $10.29
 C03 三杯茄子
 Three Cup Eggplant  $10.29
 C04 三杯茄子豆腐
 Three Cup Eggplant And Tofu

鸡 Chicken

芥兰雞  Chicken W/ Broccoli      $11.25
 CK02 蘑菇雞
 Chicken W/ Mushrooms  $11.25
 CK03 蔬菜雞
 Chicken W/ Mixed Vegetables  $11.25
 CK04 鱼香雞
 Chicken W/Garlic Sauce ***
 CK05 子姜雞  Chicken W/ Ginger & String Bean ***
 CK06 木须雞  Moo Shoo Chicken  $11.25
 CK07 腰果雞  Chicken W/ Cashew Nut  $11.25
 CK08 宫爆雞  Kung Pao Chicken W/ Peanuts ***
 CK09 辣子雞  Diced Chicken W/ Hot & Pepper ***
 CK10 甜酸雞  Sweet & Sour Chicken  $11.25
 CK11 豆豉雞  Chicken W/ Black Bean Sauce  $11.25

牛肉 Beef

 BF01  黑椒牛     Beef W/ String Bean & Black Pepper ***  $12.99
 BF02 芥兰牛
 Beef W/ Broccoli  $12.99
 BF03 蔬菜牛
 Beef W/ Mixed Vegetables  $12.99
 BF04 小椒牛
 Beef W/ Long Horn Pepper ***
 BF05 雪豆牛   Beef W/ Snow Pea Pods  $12.99
 BF06 青椒牛   Beef W/Green Peppers  $12.99
 BF07 蘑菇牛   Beef W/ Mushrooms  $12.99
 BF08 宮爆牛   Kung Pao Beef W/ peanuts ***
 BF09 葱爆牛   Beef W/ Onion & Scallions  $12.99
 BF10 木须牛   Moo Shoo Beef  $12.99
 BF11 鱼香牛   Beef W/ Garlic Sauce ***

猪肉 Pork

 PK01  鱼香肉丝     Pork W/ Garlic Sauce ***   $10.99
 PK02 豆豉肉
 Pork W/ Black Bean Sauce  $10.99
 PK03 子姜肉
 Pork W/ Ginger & String Bean ***  $10.99
 PK04 素菜肉
 Pork W/ Mixed Vegetables
 PK05 回锅肉   Special Szechuan Twice cooked Pork ***
 PK06 五更肠旺   Pig Intestine in Fire Casserole ***
 PK07 笋尖豆干肉丝   Shredded Pork W/ Bamboo Shoots & Dried Bean Curd
 PK08 京酱肉丝 
 Shredded Pork W/ Bean Paste (served 4 pancakes)  $10.99
 PK09 木须肉   Moo Shoo Pork  $10.99
 PK10 椒盐排骨   Salt & Pepper Pork Chops ***
 PK11 京都排骨   Sweet & Sour Pork  $10.99
 PK12 蚂蚁上树   Ground Pork W/ Clear Noodles in Spicy Sauce ***

海鲜 Seafood

 SF01  鱼香蝦     Jumbo Shrimp W/ Garlic Sauce ***
 SF02 芥兰蝦
 Jumbo Shrimp W/ Broccoli  $13.49
 SF03 素菜蝦
 Jumbo Shrimp W/ Mixed Vegetables  $13.49
 SF04 豆豉蝦
 Jumbo Shrimp W/ Black Bean Sauce
 SF05 雪豆蝦   Jumbo Shrimp W/ Snow Pea Pods  $13.49
 SF06 宫爆蝦  Kung Pao Jumbo Shrimp W/ Peanuts ***
 SF07 子姜蝦   Jumbo Shrimp W/ Ginger & String Bean ***
 SF08 腰果蝦  Jumbo Shrimp W/ Cashew Nut  $13.49
 SF09 辣子蝦  Jumbo Shrimp W/ Hot Pepper ***
 SF10 蝦龙糊   Jumbo Shrimp W/ Lobster Sauce  $13.49
 SF11 木须蝦   Moo Shoo Shrimp (served 4 pancakes)  $13.49
 SF12 甜酸蝦   Sweet & Sour Shrimp  $13.49
 SF13 四川魚片   Szechuan Flounder Fish Fillet ***
 SF14 沸腾魚片   Deep Fried Fish Fillet ***
 SF15 糖醋魚片   Sweet & Sour Flounder Fish Fillet  $13.49
 SF16 豆豉魚片   Flounder Fish Fillet in Black Bean Sauce  $13.49
 SF17 酸菜魚片   Flounder Fish Fillet W/ Sour Mustard  $13.49

蔬菜豆腐类 Vegetables & Tofu Corner

 VT01  素什锦     Mixed Vegetables  $10.69
 VT02 鱼香芥兰
 Broccoli W/ Garlic Sauce ***  $10.69
 VT03 素木须
 Moo Shoo Vegetables (served 4 pancakes)  $10.69
 VT04 素菜豆腐
 Mixed Vegetables W/ Soft Tofu
 VT05 芥兰豆腐   Broccoli W/ Fried Tofu
 W/ brown sauce or garlic sauce or kung pao style
 VT06 左宗豆腐   General Tsao’s Tofu ***
 VT07 芝麻豆腐   Sesame Tofu  $10.69
 VT08 麻婆豆腐   Ma Po Tofu ***
 W/ ground pork ***
 VT09 家常豆腐   Family Style Fried Tofu W/ Mixed Vegetables   $10.69
 VT10 九层塔茄子
 Eggplant W/ Basil Leaves $10.69
 VT11 鱼香茄子   Eggplant W/ Garlic Sauce ***  $10.69
 VT12 清炒高丽菜   Sauteed Chinese Napa  $10.69
 VT13 干扁四季豆   Sauteed String Bean  $10.69
 VT14 时令蔬菜   Seasonal Vegetable  Variable

午餐 Lunch Specials (Served Mon-Fri 11:00am-4:00pm)
Your choice of 3 of following dishes, served w/ Steamed White Rice and Soup,
Single Dishes Are $7.99,
Triple Lunch Combos Are $22.99 (one order of chicken, beef, seafood)

 L01 素什锦  Sauteed Mixed Vegetables
 L02 幹扁四季豆  Sauteed String Bean
 L03 清炒高丽菜   Sauteed Chinese Napa
 L04 麻婆豆腐   Ma Po Tofu ***
 L05 魚香茄子   Eggplant in Garlic Sauce ***
 L06 家常豆腐   Family Style Fire Tofu ***
 L07 芥蘭肉   Pork W/ Broccoli
 L08 素菜炒肉   Pork W/ Mixed Vegetables
 L09 皇香肉丝   Shredded Pork in Garlic Sauce ***
 L10 笋尖豆幹肉丝   Shredded Pork W/ Bamboo Shoot & Dried Tofu
 L11 回锅肉   Twice Cooked Pork ***
 L12 左宗雞   General Tsao’s Chicken ***
 L13 芝麻雞  Sesame Chicken
 L14 芥兰雞   Chicken W/ Broccoli
 L15 素菜雞  Chicken W/ Mixed Vegetables
 L16 鱼香雞   Chicken W/ Garlic Sauce ***
 L17 辣子雞   Chicken W/ Hot Pepper ***
 L18 宮保雞   Kung Pao Chicken ***
 L19 宮保牛   Kung Pao Beef ***
 L20 小椒牛   Beef W/Hot Long Pepper ***
 L21 芥蘭牛   Beef W/ Broccoli
 L22 素菜牛   Beef W/ Mixed Vegetables
 L23 青椒牛   Beef W/ Green Pepper
 L24 葱爆牛   Beef W/ Scallions & Onion
 L25 芥兰蝦   Shrimp W/ Broccoli
 L26 蔬菜蝦   Shrimp W/ Mixed Vegetables
 L27 魚香蝦  Shrimp W/ Garlic Sauce ***
 L28 豆豉魚片   Flounder Fish Fillet W/ Black Bean Sauce
 L29 四川魚片  Flounder Fish Fillet W/ Szechuan Sauce ***
 L30 酸菜魚片   Flounder Fish Fillet W/ Sour Mustard

饮料 Beverage

汽水     Soda              $1.75
 Juice  $2.99
  Mongo Smoothies
  Strawberry Smoothies
  Pina Colada Smoothies
 Bubble Tea
  Mongo, Strawberry, Taro
  Green Tea, Black Tea, Coconut, Watermelon

刨冰   Bow Bin
  Crushed Ice W/ Fresh, Homemade Sweet Topping
  & Dressed, Condensed Milk

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